COVID-19 Update

18th March 2020

In order to be able to properly and responsibly comply with the latest Social Distancing Advice from HM Government, we have taken the decision to cease all operations on our Airbus A320 Flight Simulator and as such we are not taking any further slot bookings until further notice.

All Voucher holders will have their vouchers extended by a further 6 months after it’s original expiry date to allow time for rebooking.

We will review this frequently and update all our customers here on our website and on social media.

On behalf of the AlphaTech team, thank you for your support and understanding during this very difficult time.

We can still be reached by email at for future booking enquiries.

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Flight Simulator Training for Airline Assessment Preparation,
AirbusReady Jet Orientation Course, Refresher Training, LOE & LPC Preparation
and Airbus A320 Type Introduction. Dry Hire available.

Airport Transfers Included.

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We are AlphaTech, our Head Office is located at Newtownards Airfield, we are Northern Ireland’s first and only Flight Simulator Training Provider for Airline Pilots operating an Airbus A320 Fixed Base Flight Simulator offering training support to both qualified and trainee pilots. In 2020 we are opening two new Simulator Training Locations in London and Vienna.

We have invested heavily in our Airbus A320 Training Simulators which meets EASA FNPT II standards. We have a full ECAM malfunction system that can induce the same failures as that of a Full motion Level D Airbus A320 Training Device and we utilise EASA approved software. Our Airbus device can also reproduce smoke in the cockpit for smoke removal training.

Our Simulators have adjustable seats, airbus pilot tray tables, map reading lights, Dual linked Rudder Pedals, iPads with Jeppesen Charts, an instructor station with touch screen and two further observer seats. We also provide smoke in the cockpit simulation with breathing masks. Headsets are available to use and pilots are welcome to use their own.

We offer Sim Assessment Preparation Training for pilots attending airline selection and simulator assessments with airlines in Europe. We also offer block hours at discounted rates with or without an Airbus A320 Instructor.

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We know the hurdles that Airline Selections brings. We have the right people to you for your airline sim assessment.


Our Training Captains have a combined experience of 200,000 hrs with airlines all over the world. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best training for as little outlay as possible.

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Need to make the next leap in your career? Command Course? A new type? A new airline? We have the skills to help you make it happen.

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Our one to one and professional approach will give you all the information and skills you need to progress your career as a professional pilot. We have an enviable track record of success in our Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation Course with 80% of our candidates being offered a job with an airline.

We are here 345 Days a year, 7 days a week and 24hrs a day, so we’ll always have time for you, even at the shortest of notice.

We are also committed to providing a courteous, efficient and affordable solution to Flight Simulator Pilot Training.