LPC/OPC & LOFT Refreshers
Instructor led assessment preparation for Europe’s Airbus Operators.

Renewals & Assessments don’t need to be stressful
Instructor led assessment preparation for Europe’s Airbus Operators.

Continuous improvement is something that all pilots should be practicing throughout their career. Your six-monthly check can be quite an ordeal if you are not in the correct frame of mind and have not encountered any of the scenarios recently. Your proficiency check should be a learning experience and part of your continuous development as a pilot, but not always so.

Zero pressure simulator time

Recurrent checks are not normally associated with a relaxed training session. Nerves are common and normally lead to mistakes on the day. A refresher session is the ideal opportunity to improve your skills and discuss what scenarios your training staff are likely to throw at you. We have experience of many pilots that go through their LPC/OPC assessments on the different airlines, so have a great insight on what scenarios you are most likely to encounter.

It’s our job to assist and prepare you, not criticise

We are extremely proud of our record on preparing pilots for simulator assessments and refresher checks. On arrival we will discuss what you thing you will be tested on, and of course give you our view on recent LPC/OPC checks and what airlines have actually done for check flights.

All scenarios can be replicated in our Airbus A320 simulator. We can tailor any scenario, to any airport and flight profile. And of course, what happens in the simulator stays there – completely confidential.

Need Advice? We’re glad to help.

Call us on 02895 575 990 or email us at hello@flyalphatech.com

Flexible, with sensible prices

Everyone is different. Some pilots want an hour, many prefer a few. We can accommodate whatever you need and can be very flexible on timings. Late nights and early starts are common for us.

Pricing is based on an hourly rate of £250 including VAT and instruction. Contact us any time if you have any queries

Self Fly Hire
If you don’t need an instructor (or you’re bringing one yourself) that’s no problem. Our hourly rate from £144 incl VAT.

You must be Airbus A320 type rated to use the sim without an instructor and must not be used solo.