Airbus Ready / JOC
Our Combined Airbus specific Jet Orientation & Airbus Introduction Course.

Our JOC is aimed at pilots that have just completed their flight training with an MCC and are now seeking airline employment. Increasingly, airlines operating jets are looking for candidates to have a JOC before type rating commencement. Specifically, our AirbusReady JOC focuses heavily on Airbus A320 family aircraft both in terms of Jet Orientation and Airbus SOP.

Included in our AirbusReady JOC is an afternoon with our Specialist Training Captain that  help you focus on your interview skills, SWOT Analysis, SMART and GROW Models.

Course Description

You will learn jet handling skills in our Airbus A320 Flight Simulator. JOC is not a type rating, but you will learn some of the operational techniques and be able to competently fly our Airbus A320.

Our AirbusReady JOC is 4 hours of classroom study and 8hrs in our Airbus A320 Flight Simulator over 3 days. Uniquely, we also include a half-day interview skills preparation with Captain Conor Keeling to give you the tools in your first airline interviews.


Valid and current CPL(A) with ME / I\R
ATPL(A) (written exams)
Completed MCC
Valid Medical Class One
ICAO Level 4 English

Why an Airbus Specific JOC?

The JOC is seen as a way of bridging the gap between flying slower single pilot aircraft and your first type rating in a complex multi-crew jet aircraft. However, what a JOC doesn’t do is give you type-specific information about the type you’re most likely to fly. We’re bridging that gap for new pilots by giving them the skills to manage an Airbus A320 specifically whilst learning the logic of a Jet Aircraft.

Course Fee:

The AirbusReady JOC will cost £1,320 each, based on two pilot’s sharing. There are 4 places on each course date. To secure your place a 25% deposit is required within 14 days prior to course start date.

A one on one JOC is priced at £1980 and is subject to availability.


AirbusReady JOC training comprises of the following main elements:

Simulator Training

Our Airbus A320 Fixed Base Flight Simulator provides an accurate full scale representation of an Airbus A320 Flight Deck. The simulator has a full glass cockpit; dual MCDU, FCU, EFIS and a full ECAM system malfunctions are available. Audio and crew intercom is available, as is air traffic control if required.

The simulator is complete with adjustable seats, airbus pilot tray tables, map reading lights, Dual linked iPads for Jeppesen Charts, an instructor station with touch screen and two further observer seats. We also provide smoke in the cockpit simulation with breathing masks. Headsets are available to use and pilots are welcome to use their own.

Pilots carry out a total of 8 hours simulator time across course modules

Classroom Training

We have a lot of course content to cover in our classroom. To make the best of your training, we keep the courses as small as possible. Airbus Law, fly-by-wire logic, SID/STARS, route & descent planning are all covered. All JOC subjects will be covered in 4 hours of formal classroom training

Simulator Consolidation

An important part of any training is consolidation time. For many this could be reading course material after hours or practicing operational procedures. Pilots will have the simulator available in the evening during the course for up to 2 hours to consolidate what has been taught during the day.

Flight Test

As part of our modular based approach, we conduct a flight test on the last day of the course. This consists of a briefing on a mock route, with an en-route diversion and failures included. The test will be conducted to replicate what candidates will experience in an Airline Simulator Assessment

Airline Interview and Assessment

Preparation for your interview with the airlines is essential. We will guide you through the process and show how you can best present yourself in interview and simulator assessment. Our training staff have experience with all of the major airlines, so know exactly what they are looking for.

Course Dates

The following Winter 19/20 Course dates are available. Additional courses can be added on request.

4th February 2020
18th February 2020

3rd March 2020
17th March 2020

7th April 2020
21st April 2020

Course Duration & Timings

The course will be conducted over a 3 day period. Training will normally start at 0830 and conclude at 1730

We understand that you may have specific travel arrangements; we can be flexible with these timings if necessary.


Preferential rates for AlphaTech customers are available at the Strangford Arms Hotel when quoting ‘AlphaTech’

Pilots have the choice of a single room (£50), or a twin room (£75) with other pilots

Travel Arrangements

We are located just 40 minutes from Belfast Airports, and we offer a free pick up and drop off for all our clients from either Belfast Airport. Dublin airport pickups can be arranged on request if required.

Airbus Training Captains

We use instructors with many years of experience and have remained focussed on the Airbus family of aircraft throughout their careers. We keep the classes small, with a ratio of 1 instructor to 4 pilots so that students get the very best from their training Captain.

Pre-Course Training Material

Once the course booking has been confirmed and payment received, a starter pack will be sent to the pilot.

This will include joining instructions, course schedule and pre-course study material. Study material will include Airbus specific training material, covering such things as Airbus law, fly-by-wire logic, cockpit setup & flows. Pilots will also receive flight profiles for the various exercises that will be flown during the course