SimPilot Flight Report

SimPilots are required to submit their flight logs to AlphaTech within 5 days of flying.
Both pilots operating the flight should fill in the log. This allows logbook time to be accurately accounted.

You'll receive a copy of your Report to this email address.
If yes, please name below.
If you were accompanied by a Flight Instructor there is no need to insert their name here.
Format DD/MM/YY
Please use ICAO codes
Please use UTC
Please insert the total flying time from the start of the takeoff roll to the end of the landing roll.
Please detail here ALL defects and technical issues that were experienced with the Airbus A320 Flight Simulator. Anything that was broken or missing should be advised immediately. Please note that when you use our A320 Simulator you are accountable for it. Should it be damaged and not reported when the incident occurs or on this report you may be held responsible for repair.
Please details general landing performance. Touchdown zone performance, centreline performance, rwy excursions
Please detail feedback on flight crew performance. If you experienced issues with a member of crew please detail it here.
Please include anything else that we need to know about.