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7hours of instruction
ATC with Online Air Traffic Control
Skills test at the end
Simulator hire for £20 per hour upon successful completion of skills test.

and is not suitable for those without experience

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    6 reviews for SimPilot

    1. Stephen Fullam

      Exceptional course for anybody wanting to get their aviation career off the ground.

    2. Robert Hamilton

      Amazing simulator and with the knowledge of Paul makes it even better. I have completed this course and it was brilliant!

    3. Gary COSGROVE

      I completed the course over a period of 2 weeks in November 2017. Having been a Sim Pilot for many years and also having a PPL I was amazed as to how engrossing the A320 simulator was. I have also come to know and love the Airbus logic having previously favoured Boeing sim aircraft.
      Paul is an excellent teacher, bringing an obvious passion to the task but also interspersing each part of the course with just the right balance of fun and facts.
      I can thoroughly recommend….

    4. Cameron Caughey

      Excellent course for all simpilots. Brilliant instruction with comprehensive training including emergency procedures and radio training. I have completed the course and would recommend to any sim enthusiast

    5. Tom Osborne

      Great learning experience and opportunity and very good prices, this course has taken my simming knowledge and competence to another level.

    6. Sean McAuley

      Amazing, excellent, fun…what an experience. For anyone who loves flight simming at home, you have to try this experience. To have access to real hardware, it almost feels that you’re really flying. Certainly the closest you can get without actually flying and you feel the pressure on takeoffs and landings. I have learned so much from this and plan to continue with the Sim team but also have more knowledge now to enjoy my hobby more at home. Thank you Paul, great craic and a wonderful expreience. Not to mention that new people you get to meet as this is 2 person flying. No complaints at all.
      Thank you.

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